About Us

This catalog represents the result of our efforts to give you the best, most complete line of paper punching products. It is fitting that it should be dedicated to my grandfather, Mr P.O. Mieth, the man behind many of the fine punches illustrated herein. For over 50 years, P.O. Mieth worked tirelessly to perfect, improve, and enlarge the Mieth line of hole punches. Thanks to his mechanical genius and zeal for perfection, our hole punches are much in demand today.

For every marking application, whether for identification or canceling, you can punch mark it faster with non-removable, easily read punched symbols, letters, or figures. The quick operation and mistake proof results of punch marking is utilized in hundreds of industries on the production line and in the office. In addition to punching paper and cards, punches can be made for light metal, plastic cards, rubber sheeting or film negatives.

It is our aim to supply all your hand punching needs and solve all your punching problems. The M.C. Mieth line is constantly being studied for improvement in every way. Of course we will continue our strictest rules of highest quality and finish, fastest possible delivery, and cooperation at all times with our numerous friends and customers throughout the world.


Charles W. Wendling



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